8 A-Amazing Content I read; You should too!

Exams got me choked up, unable to create content for two weeks and silly me didn’t have it in mind to schedule posts. However, alongside reading my books for exams, I didn’t miss out reading some really great contents from amazing bloggers, some I found in my email as a subscriber, some from Bloglovin, some were featured and I found some also on my WordPress reader. I decided to share some of the beautiful post I read with you guys. I’m sure you’d love them too so thank me later…literally. 


1. “How Did I Embrace My Smile- It ain’t What It Seems.”

I totally loved reading this post by Christy the Natural Goddess blogger. I loved the originality of this post and how it promotes self-love. We as human beings are flawed, even your ideal body-goal man or woman. The sad part is, most people are unable to love themselves and accept their flaw(s) p.s I’m also a victim of self-body-shaming, this post however, realistically encourages people to love themselves as Christy shares her true life challenge and how she overcame it. 


There are lots of “how to blog” posts aimed at helping bloggers progress through their blogging career/hobby, and this post isn’t different. But what sets this blog post, by New Lune, apart is how detailed and informative it is. It doesn’t look like a blog written for just writing sake, it rather looks like a blog post carefully researched and planned out to GENUINELY help bloggers out. You should definitely check this out if you’re an upcoming blogger, potential blogger, established blogger and even successful blogger. Who say’s learning ever stops?


The mystery of this post by Justnatonya to me is how I stumbled on it during the time I was complaining of my social media and technology addiction. Trust me it was terrible! I missed deadlines, reading timetables, meetings, house chores and other productive things simply because I was tight glued to my phone and unable to focus on the real world. Anyways God sent this my way while doing the regular… shmegular, scrolling and I successfully went on a 1 day digital detox. In summary, this post helped me in its little way, and I believe in the ever growing world of technology and addictive gadgets, people need to have a detox once in a while so do well to give this post a read.


Where I come from, we aren’t really familial with the seasons and the rituals that come with each of them such as skincare, food, décor etc. the only holiday season of popularity where I come from is the summer holiday. Not like we don’t know what winter, fall and spring are but we just don’t call it as it is-winter, spring… more like “raining season and dry season” lol. Anyways, I loved this post for the ‘self-care’ part. I decided to share it with y’all because I’m definitely going to try it out.


This blog post written by Joshua Becker is just the right blog for everyone feeling underachieved and waiting on the next milestone to celebrate. Most a times you hear people make certain comments like “what’s worth celebrating”, “what’s the celebration for”, but truth is, there is absolutely everything to be grateful for and pop a champagne for. I mean, celebrate the progress you’ve made in life no matter how little. On my YouTube, I celebrated 100 subscribers, amidst thousands of people with over a million subscribers I’m out here celebrating a mere 100, what mattered to me was my progress, and I wasn’t using other people’s success as a measuring standard for mine. You get? So this post is a detailed post on why you should celebrate EVERY moment no matter how little. 


Excerpts from this blog post- “What is an ideal Lifetyle? The type of lifestyle that helps you experience life in the best possible way is an ideal lifestyle This is an itemized post that will guide you in experiencing life and believe you me when I say they are def. a try out. 


Reading this beautiful post by Ellie Blakeney got me anticipating for the next Monday. Seriously, I love Mondays and if you don’t… your ye is different from my ye! Who doesn’t love fresh starts? That’s what Monday brings along with new opportunities. Check this blog post out and start loving Mondays. 


This list was compiled by Jess of Foundations and Fairytales. If you don’t already know what it is, Blogmas is just a bloggers challenge during December where a blogger creates content every single day… doesn’t necessarily have to be a serious content but engaging and fun to read. Yes it’s quite challenging but exciting. I’ve never participated in any of the challenges, Blogmas nor Blogtober but I actually do plan on participating in this year’s challenge. And with this compilation, I can’t go wrong. So if you do plan on participating in this year’s December challenge, check this in-depth categorized Blogmas post ideas.


These are the list of blog content I found worth sharing… you’re welcome! Feel free to share with me other great content’s, either from you or another blogger, I’d love to check them out. xx

6 thoughts on “8 A-Amazing Content I read; You should too!

  1. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCHHH Winnieee!!! Thank you much much for the feature, and me being #1!!!!! I will also look at the other blogs I take your word for it as an amazing read.

    Nice post and I do wish you all the best on your future exams and test love!!

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